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Thank you for visiting GF Joe Gluten Free Bakery, Joseph Anthony Camerieri former baker-turned- entrepreneur, and his brother Charles Christopher Camerieri, Principal Baker and co-owner of Abella Biscotti have partnered together to distribute a high quality, all - natural biscotti gourmet cookie.

These ingredients have been scientifically proven to be much healthier for the human body and environment. The crunchy nuts in the Hazelnut and Almond offer a melodic medley of flavors for the most discerning palette Of course the Belgium Chocolate dipped and White Chocolate dipped make any sad heart sing and the most stubborn of palettes begging for more!

Life is beautiful with biscotti!

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“Biscotti” is pronounced bee-SCOAT-tee. Traditionally an Italian classic, biscotti have been baked for centuries. It was the perfect food for sailors who were at sea for months at a time. The biscuits were thoroughly baked to draw out moisture, becoming a cracker-like food that was resistant to mold. Biscotti was a favorite of Christopher Columbus who relied on them on his long sea voyage.

The word "biscotti" comes from bi and scotti, the Italian terms for twice-cooked or twice-baked. Biscotti are also the generic term for cookie in Italian.

From the traditional anise/almond biscotti to delectable new varieties like chocolate (cioccolata) and vanilla, Camerieri's biscotti are made with the finest and freshest ingredients. And, although butter, sugar, eggs, almonds and flour are the base, biscotti are gaining popularity for being a light, satisfying, and relatively low-in-fat and calorie snack.


Since gluten free industry and my special products is in high demand I have written a business plan for the purpose of attaining expansion capital for the GF Joe™ Brand nationally and internationally, Expanding aggressively is sought for this company's mission. Please email me personally at Email


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